October 8, 2012

We’ve been hearing from some of you, asking why we haven’t posted any new mugshots recently. The answer is quite simply that we weren’t sure if anyone was actually interested in seeing them. We’re able to see how many people visit the web site and how many mugshots they look at, but we never really heard any feedback (good or bad) from anyone who visits our web site.

It’s for that same reason that we never got around to adding the mugshots of Indiana sex offenders to our database.

The good news is that we believe people really are interested in keeping up with who was arrested in their communities. Late this past week we received several of the recent mugshots from Lawrence County and have started adding them to our database. If you like us on Facebook, you’ll see in your news feed when new mugshots are published. We are also going to begin some efforts to obtain mugshots from other areas around the state.

Finally, in response to some inquiries we’ve received, we’re currently developing a process to enable you to get your mugshot removed from our database. Click on that link for more details. Stay tuned — and stay outta jail!

May 1, 2012

Recently, we have been getting asked why we don’t have more information on sex offenders available on Indiana Mugshots.  We’ve listened to you and have begun working on a project to incorporate within this site mugshots of the over 11,000 sex offenders in Indiana. We should begin adding them in by this weekend but, because there are so many, they will likely be added in phases over the next few weeks. Watch the Indiana Mugshots Facebook page for more information on this cool new project!

November 14, 2011

Over the last few weeks, we have attempted to contact many different counties in Indiana in an attempt to discuss the process that we need to adhere to in order to bring you mugshot photos from across Indiana. Some have blown us off while others have told us they would get back to us later.

We would like to thank Sam Craig, Lawrence County Sheriff. Shortly after making contact with Sheriff Craig, a member of his staff got in touch with us to schedule a meeting. We met with Sheriff Craig soon after that and he agreed to provide us with Lawrence County mugshot photos. In fact, we received the first “batch” of photos just a little over 24 hours after our meeting with Sheriff Craig.

As we attempt to obtain mugshot photos from other counties, we can only hope that the other Sheriffs we meet are as pleasant and easy to work with as Sheriff Craig is.

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